The survey for the Second Round Draft Models is open until June 30. Click on the SECOND ROUND DRAFT MODELS tab to find your parish’s video and accompanying survey. Thank you for your participation in this important initiative for the Diocese of Columbus.

The Timeline

January 2021

Establishment of the RPRF Commission

Lent 2021

Prayer and preparation: 40 Days of Adoration, Reconciliation Monday (March 29), Discipleship Maker Index (Feb 17-March 22), and RPRF prayer begins to be prayed before every Mass in the diocese throughout the two-year duration of the initiative.

Summer 2021

Data from the Disciple Maker Index survey will be tabulated and results made available to parishes. Based on this feedback, preparations will be made to begin local planning area and parish-level consultation sessions in the Fall.

Fall 2021

Local planning areas and parish consultation sessions will be held to review findings, receive feedback, and continue the planning process into the next phase in 2022.