The survey for the Second Round Draft Models is open until June 30. Click on the SECOND ROUND DRAFT MODELS tab to find your parish’s video and accompanying survey. Thank you for your participation in this important initiative for the Diocese of Columbus.

Second Round Draft Models

Locate your parish planning area from the lists below, watch the corresponding video, and offer your feedback on the provided surveys. 

Surveys close June 30, 2022

These DRAFT models are not final reccomendations. 

Second Round Draft Models


Planning Group 1: 

– Holy Rosary/ St. John

– Corpus Christi

– Holy Cross

– Parroquia Santa Cruz

– St. Dominic

– St. Joseph Cathedral

– St. Ladislas

– St. Mary (Columbus)

– St. Patrick

– St. Thomas Apostle

– Sts. Augustine & Gabriel

– Holy Name

– Sacred Heart

– St. Francis of Assisi

– St. John the Baptist





Planning Group 2 Central: 

– St. Anthony

– St. Elizabeth

– Immaculate Conception

– St. James the Less

– St. Matthias

– St. Michael *Video is in Planning Group 2

– Our Lady of Peace



Planning Group 2 North: 

– St. Brendan

– St. Brigid of Kildare

– St. Joan of Arc

– St. John Neumann

– St. Paul 

– St. Peter

Planning Group 2 South: 

– St. Andrew

– St. Agatha

– St. Christopher

– St. Margaret of Cortona

– Our Lady of Victory

– St. Timothy

Planning Group 3 North: 

– Immaculate Conception (Kenton)

– Our Lady of Lourdes (Ada)

– Our Lady of Lourdes (Marysville)

– Church of the Sacred Hearts

– St. Mary (Delaware)

– St. Mary (Marion) 

Planning Group 3 South: 

– St. Aloyius

– St. Agnes

– St. Celcilia

– Holy Family

– St. Joseph (Plain City)

– St. Mary Magdalene

– Our Lady of Perpetual Help 

– St. Patrick (London)

– Sts. Simon and Jude

– St. Stephen

Planning Group 4 South: 

– St. Ann

– St. Mary

– St. Bernard

– Church of the Atonement

– Holy Trinity (Somerset)

– St. Joseph (Somerset) 

– St. Nicholas

– St. Patrick (Junction City) 

– St. Rose of Lima

– St. Thomas Aquinas

Planning Group 4 North: 

– St. Francis de Sales (Newcomerstown) 

– Holy Trinity (Zoar)

– Immaculate COnception (Dennison) 

– St. Joseph (Dover)

– St. Peter (Millersburg)

– Sts. Peter & Paul (Glenmont)

– Sacred Heart (Coshocton)

– Sacred heart (New Philidelphia)


Planning Group 5 South: 

– Holy Redeemer

– Holy Trinity (Jackson)

– Holy Trinity (West Portsmouth)

– St. Peter in Chains

– Sts. Peter and Paul (Wellston)

– St. Sylvester


Planning Group 5 North: 

– St. Bernadette

– St. Colman of CLoyne

– St. John (Logan)

– St. Joseph (Circleville)

– St. Joseph (Sugar Grove)

– St. Mark 

– St. Mary (Breman)

– St. Mary (Chillicothe)

– St. Mary (Lancaster)

– St. Mary (Waverly)

– St. Peter (Chillicothe)


Planning Group 6 South: 

– St. Catharine 

– Christ the King 

– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– Holy Spirit

– St. John XXIII

– St. Mary (Groveport) 

– St. Matthew the Apostle 

– Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal 

– St. Philip the Apostle 

– St. Pius X


Planning Group 6 North: 

– Church of the Ascension 

– Church of the Resurrection 

– St. Edward the Confessor

– St. Francis de Sales (Newark) 

– St. Leonard

– St. Luke

– Blessed Sacrament 

– Our Lady of Mount Carmel 

– St. Vincent de Paul


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  • Encourage fellow parishioners to participate and provide feedback on the Second Round DRAFT Model video presentations which will be available on the website.

  • Continue to review the reasons for the need for a long-range plan for the Diocese of Columbus.

  • Remind fellow parishioners that active involvement is the best way to come up with constructive solutions to the challenges we face.

  • Remind fellow parishioners that decisions will not be made without the approval of a new Bishop.

Prayer for Mission Renewal

God Our Father,

We entrust Real Presence, Real Future to your Providence.

Through your Holy Spirit inspire us for Mission and Evangelization.

Make us disciples after the Heart of your Son.

In times of uncertainty, grant firm resolve.

When we are unsettled, provide peace.

When we are timid, make us courageous.

With our ears may we hear your promptings.

With our eyes may we see your handiwork.

With our mouths may we share the Gospel.

And with our hands may we serve you.

Replace our hesitation with holy enthusiasm

so that in drawing strength from the Eucharist

every endeavor of ours may be for your glory.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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