Here are some of the more frequently asked questions. As the initiative grows, more will be added to this page. Have more specific questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us: hello@columbuscatholic.org.


What focus-areas will be addressed?

We are looking at all facets of our diocesan and parish life including key areas such as parish life, evangelization, social + digital communications, colleges + universities, Catholic schools, and diocesan structures.


How will this include all of the faithful?

This consultative process will generate feedback in a variety of ways, such as the RPRF Commission, made up of lay and clergy from across the diocese. Additionally, pastors will choose leaders at each parish in the diocese to work with the Commission. Regional consultation sessions will take place to hear ideas and concerns, and parishioners will be invited to take the Disciple Maker Index survey.


When does this start?

This much anticipated initiative is already underway through prayer and preparation. Throughout Lent, we invite all Catholics to take part in 40 Days of Adoration which began on Ash Wednesday, and to participate in Reconciliation on Monday, March 29, the Monday of Holy Week, by receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation available at most parishes from 4-7 pm.


What is Real Presence, Real Future?

Real Presence, Real Future is a two-year diocesan-wide consultative process that invites participation from clergy, lay ecclesial ministers, parish volunteers, and all the faithful. By listening to the needs of our people and hearing your ideas, concerns and desires, this process will help determine the best path forward to increase the presence of the Church throughout the Diocese of Columbus.


What is the purpose of this initiative?

The purpose is to:

• Reimagine how the Church serves her people throughout the diocese.

• Foster viable, sustainable, and vibrant parishes and schools that support the evangelizing mission of Jesus Christ and His Church.

• Ensure we are serving effectively and preserve the faith for future generations.


Why is the Diocese doing this?

In short, we are called to increase the presence of Christ throughout the Diocese and uphold the Faith for future generations of Ohioans.