How can you stay involved?

There are a variety of ways for you to stay informed about the progress of this initiative:


Visit the Real Presence, Real Future website. This will be the primary source for information about this initiative and will be routinely updated to provide the latest information and opportunities for feedback and consultation.


Attend parish-level consultations in the fall, parishioners can hear first-hand how RPRF will impact their parish and grow the presence of the Church throughout the Diocese of Columbus.


Read information in The Catholic Times, as well as other news sources such as St. Gabriel Radio, AM 820/FM 88.3, and additional regional news sources.


Subscribe to the monthly Real Presence, Real Future e-newsletter. This monthly email will provide updates about this initiative and keep people informed throughout our two-year journey. You can sign up for the e-newsletters by clicking “stay updated” in the top right or bottom right corners of this website.