First Round Draft Models

Below are the first round of DRAFT models for Real Presence, Real Future.

Click the image below to download a copy of the First Round Draft Models.

These models are for archival purposes, and are not final recommendations. 

First Round Draft Models

Prayer for Mission Renewal

God Our Father,

We entrust Real Presence, Real Future to your Providence.

Through your Holy Spirit inspire us for Mission and Evangelization.

Make us disciples after the Heart of your Son.

In times of uncertainty, grant firm resolve.

When we are unsettled, provide peace.

When we are timid, make us courageous.

With our ears may we hear your promptings.

With our eyes may we see your handiwork.

With our mouths may we share the Gospel.

And with our hands may we serve you.

Replace our hesitation with holy enthusiasm

so that in drawing strength from the Eucharist

every endeavor of ours may be for your glory.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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