What areas will be addressed during this initiative?

We are looking at all facets of our diocesan and parish life including key areas such as:

Forming parishes to be centers for missionary discipleship.

Increasing our ministry presence through the use of lay missionaries.

Exploring creative ways to encounter the non-affiliated and those who no longer attend Mass through initiatives like a “soft-entry” center for evangelization.

Developing a comprehensive strategy for the use of social and digital communications throughout the diocese for evangelization, faith formation, and community-building.

Increasing our ministry presence on college and university campuses.

Supporting our Catholic school faculty and staff to become formators of missionary disciples for the families they serve in our Catholic schools..

Reviewing our diocesan structures to ensure we are operating efficiently to meet the needs of the future, to make best use of our priests and deacons, and provide the necessary support to all of our parishes, schools, and social outreach organizations.