A Message from Bishop Earl K. Fernandes

Thank you to all who participated in the Real Presence, Real Future DRAFT planning process. The final recommendations from the RPRF Commission for Planning have been released and have been presented to Bishop Fernandes for his consideration and discernment.


the Church
in Central Ohio

We are re-imagining how the Church serves Her people. We’ll start by listening to the needs of our local church, and hearing your ideas, concerns, and desires. 

What is this?

Real Presence, Real Future is a two-year diocesan-wide consultative process that invites participation from clergy, lay ecclesial ministers, parish volunteers, and all the faithful.

By listening to the needs of our people and hearing your ideas, concerns and desires, this process will help determine the best path forward to increase the presence of the Church throughout the Diocese of Columbus.

This exciting initiative looks to the future of our diocese in light of the unique needs of people today, the needs of the culture around us, and the desire to form and activate Catholics to fulfill their baptismal call to become missionary disciples of our Lord and His Church to those in their everyday lives.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us: hello@columbuscatholic.org


This page outlines the six priorities of evangelization that the evangelization subcommittees developed as a part of Real Presence, Real Future.